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Anatomy of an Advantage Player Part 2

Part 2 - All the stars must align for an AP to succeed

The only successful Advantage Players are the ones that have all their stars aligned. It starts with knowledge. First, you have to know HOW to beat the games. The successful Advantage Player has to carry an arsenal of weapons that they can unleash at any time when an opportunity presents itself. The successful Advantage Player must know not only know basic strategy backwards and forwards and ALL the rules for EVERY game in the casino, they must also know how to apply complex strategies to assail any situation they may come across. Then comes opportunity. You have to FIND what you are looking for and have the the opportunity to play it. Next is getting away with it. Most casinos are so paranoid about some types of Advantage Play that they back off their best customers because they fit the profile of an Advantage Player without thoroughly evaluating the threat they pose. Some casinos foolishly focus on an Advantage Player who poses little threat or worse a low stakes, lucky patron only to completely ignore the table next door where a serious Advantage Play is going down with some serious consequences. The hardest part of getting away with a play in today's Advantage Player world is exchanging the chips they win for cash. Casinos often illegally hold these chips hostage until the Advantage Player shows identification often incorrectly claiming that it is a Federal requirement. Finally, comes bankroll and discipline that we previously covered. As you can see, there are many obstacles inherent to Advantage Play and the successful Advantage Player must overcome all these obstacles. If any one of these obstacles get in the Advantage Player's way, he cannot succeed. In fact, Advantage Play is so tough to accomplish that the Holy Grail for today's Advantage Player doesn't take a single wager to be placed. Today's Advantage Player does have to step into a casino but today's Advantage Player is hoping that some hired goon at some casino will overstep his bounds and do physical harm to the Advantage Player. In a digital world of pocket cell phones with video cameras, the Advantage Player's biggest scores today take place in court rooms not high limit rooms.

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