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Anatomy of an Advantage Player Part 7

Part 7 - Are slot and VP AP's a threat to Casinos?

Slots and VP are unlike most other casino games. There are no dealers, chips, cards or down time. It's just man vs machine and some AP's prefer it that way. Why have a bunch of ploppys tell you you're an idiot for making plays that only the mentally challenged would make, listen to the same tired, old ploppy wisdoms about the flow of the cards or have a pit boss chained to your leg when you can find serenity with man vs. machine? Machines don't judge, don't talk and don't smell; The perfect companion for some. Slot and VP AP's are also unlike most other AP's. When they win a progressive jackpot, who are they really hurting? Are they hurting the casino, the casino's patrons or no one? The casino is going to pay that progressive jackpot to someone eventually so why not pay it to an AP? The casino's patrons have the same chance to win that jackpot as anyone else and the progressive resets faster as a result of the AP's play so it's a win-win situation for the casino and the AP. Furthermore, if one of the casino's patrons hits the progressive, the patron wins too!
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