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Anatomy of an Advantage Player Part 6

Part 6 - Card Counting and Video Poker

Card Counting and Video Poker? What could they possibly have in common? Well, more than it may at first appear. Both Card Counting Blackjack and Video Poker typically have relatively low house edges. Both good BJ and good VP games can be easily beaten under the right circumstances and with a little practice, particularly VP. Although they both can be beaten through "conventional" methods, the edge gained is tiny at best. What does this mean? This means that bankroll management becomes the most important part of beating these games followed very closely by accuracy. Misplay one hand and an hour of Expected Value could easily evaporate with some of the minute edges that are realized by some Advantage Plays. Additionally, just because you are playing with an edge doesn't mean you are going to win. The variance in some games is insane! There is one game that has an edge near 100% yet the variance is so high that losing sessions are frequent. AP's must be well disciplined and well bankrolled to survive the roller coaster ride that some AP opportunities offer.

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