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Anatomy of an Advantage Player Part 8

Part 8 - Lone Wolves

A large portion of AP's are lone wolves who travel solo looking for opportunities. Almost all lone wolves pose little if no threat to the casino and yet casinos spend more time pursuing lone wolves than focusing on real threats. Almost no great opportunities are available to the lone wolf and while the lone wolf can be successful, just like real packs of wolves, packs pose a much bigger threat than individuals.

The point of all this is that casinos love losers but don't like losing. Even though losses to AP's are a small fraction of their wins, they would rather see their profits suffer than suffer one loss. They would rather decrease their profits than offer a chance that some type of Advantage Play might beat them. I knew this farmer once. He had this cotton tail eating up his cornfield. You know he burned up that cornfield just trying to catch that rabbit. The farmer and the rabbit can live together in harmony and so can the AP and the casino. Smart folks always eat off the same plate but greedy folks, well, they always spill their dinner.

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