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Hosts. What are they good for?

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

Absolutely nothing, as the song goes but in reality they can be useful only if they are good at their jobs. Unfortunately, most hosts are worth absolutely nothing. Like many other aspects of casino management that I have already written about, this is another area where casinos are really lacking. I am or have been a top tier player with most major chains and several medium sized chains and they all suffer from the same lack of customer service from their hosts. Finding a good host is like finding a needle in a haystack and the only way to find a good host is by testing the water or asking others what their experience has been like.

What sets the good hosts apart from the not so good ones? Attention to detail, responsiveness and plain old customer service. I don't expect them to rush over to me and kiss my feet when I walk through the door but I do expect a response, good or bad, in a reasonable amount of time. Unfortunately, this is too much to ask for the majority of hosts and it's a crime because I'm bringing you all this business and you are basically telling me my business is not important to you. Well, I'm sad to report that there are LOTS of options out there and you are not the only game in town. A good host is the key to client retention.

Whoever is hiring these individuals is either choosing from a terrible talent pool or doing a terrible job selecting their candidates. Casino hosts tend to be promoted from within and maybe that is where the problem lies. Hosts should be an arm of sales and they should be your sales people. Stop hiring employees you don't know what to do with and start hiring skilled sales professionals. You can thank me later.

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