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Looking at the Hole Picture

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

When casinos evaluate their players, are they looking at the whole picture or are their holes in the picture? The latter. Casinos are quick to pull the plug once they realize "something" is going on and this casual approach to excluding players is a dangerous, costly mistake. There are two steps that should take place before alienating a customer who could be a big winner and a big asset to you.

Identification. Realizing "something" is going on is not a reason to push the panic button and backoff a winning player. Identification is taking the time and utilizing resources to figure out exactly WHAT is going on. Contrary to popular belief, winning does not equal Advantage Play. Some players do occasionally get lucky. Really lucky and this may appear like some form of Advantage Play. Casino personnel should not be admonished for not immediately reacting to and freaking out over winning players. They should be afforded an opportunity to systematically analyze their play and evaluate their value.

Evaluate player value. You have to look at the whole picture to properly assess value. What are this player's habits? What are this player's spouse's habits? Players can be skilled at one game and complete losers at another. Many prospective Advantage Players are compulsive gamblers and may be able to gain a slight edge in one game but can't stay away from another that they have no advantage at; making them desirable customers. If their are holes in your picture, you aren't properly assessing value.

These are two basic functions that My House Wins, the new IDEA to Maximize Casino Profits, offers its customers.

Identify Advantage Play

Determine Casino Weaknesses

Evaluate Player Value

Advise Changes

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