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Player Value is all about Skill

Player X averages $500 per round and plays at a half a percent disadvantage. Player Y averages $500 per round and plays at a five percent disadvantage on the same game. Player Y contributes ten times as much revenue to the casino per hour than Player X and yet both Player X and Player Y receive the same benefits and offers from the casino. No other industry offers such lopsided customer rewards so why do it? Well, no casino employee can accurately assess a player's worth so they are all lumped together based on an archaic formula that can be vastly improved by adding one simple variable, player skill.

Currently, casinos rate their customers with the formula, average bet x decisions per hour x theoretical house edge x time played x comp rate = comp value. However, this is greatly flawed if you do not add player skill level to the equation. Theoretical house edge is meaningless without correctly assessing a player's skill.

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