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My House Wins specializes in identifying all types of Advantage Play from table games to slots and video poker. Below is a sample list of the types of Advantage Play that we can easily identify.

  • Next Carding

  • Ace Sequencing

  • Edge Sorting

  • Card Counting

  • Hole Carding

  • Team Play

  • Proprietary Games

  • Comp Chasing

  • Loss Rebates

  • Couponing

  • ​Bottom Carding

  • Side Bets
  • Collusion

  • Shuffle Tracking

  • Free Shots

  • Clocking

  • Carnival Games

  • Progressive Chasing

  • Side Counts

  • Mailer Abuse


Every casino is vulnerable to Advantage Play. My House Wins specializes in determining those vulnerabilities and can advise corrective actions. My House Wins determines a casino's weaknesses that Advantage Players will exploit and advise simple changes to thwart them. My House Wins will also determine which procedures are ineffective in deterring Advantage Play and if changed will speed game play and produce positive financial results.

Players are commodities. My House Wins evaluates the value of your players based on a variety of factors that are overlooked in modern casino marketing. We help casinos strategize and focus their marketing efforts to reap maximum value from their players while not offering easily exploitable Advantage Play opportunities.


My House Wins advises changes in all aspects of gaming and marketing. We fill all the security gaps and help casinos retain a hold percentage in line with each game's expected hold. Casino employees have a laundry list of tasks to attend to and as a result, no casino employee is an expert in each game offered. My House Wins focuses solely on how to beat casinos and is an expert at each game and how it can be beat.


What is My House Wins?

My House Wins is an Advantage Player with 15 years experience studying, applying and perfecting AP skills from Card Counting to Hole Carding and from Shuffle Tracking to Ace Sequencing. My House Wins has real-world experience with all facets of Advantage Play and the intricacies of every casino game from blackjack to carnival games and from video poker to slots.

What does My House Wins do?

My House Wins knows what Advantage Players look for, how they act and how to identify them whether they play table games, video poker or slots. My House Wins can evaluate your procedures, equipment and staff and advise simple changes that can be made to speed game play and increase your hold. Stop wasting time, resources and money sweating ploppies and concentrate your efforts on increasing your hold and your bottom line.

What is My House Wins' background?

My House Wins has a strong background in math, financial analysis and IT. With 30 years of experience working in the corporate world, My House Wins offers professional analysis of casino games and recommends changes in procedures. My House Wins can fit in equally well from the boardroom to the backroom. My House Wins is discreet but powerful and effective.

How can My House Wins help me?

My House Wins can perform a thorough onsite analysis and provide a report of all vulnerabilities to Advantage Play and all procedural changes that can be made to speed game play while not jeopardizing Game Protection.

My House Wins can Identify Advantage Play either live or on video and separate ploppies from Advantage Players.

My House Wins can Determine a player's value and threat level based on a variety of factors.

My House Wins can Evaluate all games, procedures, marketing and promotions at your casino.

My House Wins can Advise what changes can be made to Rid your casino of AP's and maximize your profits. 


This is why your money is walking out the door.

Your way:

Surveillance/pit suspects a player(s) is doing something but doesn't really know what it is. Surveillance contacts management and

  • Has their in-house "expert" evaluate the player(s). In-house "experts" can only identify about 5% of Advantage Play correctly and often overlook other factors that affect the decision making process. This is doing casinos more harm than good.

  • Surveillance runs down the player(s) using software. By the time they have enough data input, the player(s) is long gone.

  • The in-house "expert" is not available or the software is not able to identify the play so the decision is made to back the player off just in case. This guy must be up to something. How idiotic is this decision? You are losing money in the short run, so cut your losses and back a player off not knowing what is going on and never have an opportunity to re-evaluate the play or get your losses back.

As a result of the casino's "expert" not understanding what Advantage Play is, management decides to change a procedure because they would rather protect the game from something a player(s) may have done than to risk more exposure. THIS is where the real price is paid by the casino. Slowing down games or changing the odds on games unnecessarily cost casinos billions in lost revenue every year.



Cost to the Casino:

  • $100,000+ in salary and benefits for an in-house "expert"

  • Turning away non-skilled players

  • Senseless & costly procedural changes

  • Lost Revenue in wasted procedural changes

Positive takeaways:

  • None

Return on investment:

  • Extremely negative

My House Wins' way:

Surveillance/pit suspects a player(s) is doing something but doesn't really know what it is. Surveillance contacts management and management contacts My House Wins. My House Wins can

  • Review video of the player(s) and definitively determine within a few minutes whether there is any type of Advantage Play being used.

  • Watch live stream video of the player(s) and definitively determine within a few minutes whether there is any type of Advantage Play being used.

  • Drive to any Las Vegas casino, when in town, at any time, to view the player(s) live and definitively determine within a few minutes whether there is any type of Advantage Play being used.

  • If these methods are not possible, My House Wins can determine Advantage Play verbally by getting a description of what the circumstances are and asking follow up questions without seeing anything.

My House Wins will advise how big a threat the player(s) pose, how to end their play while avoiding litigation and if a procedure should be changed. My House Wins can also determine a player's worth by evaluating their other play. Some players are not strong enough to pose a long-term threat and may obtain a slight edge in some areas that are vastly overcome by their inability to gain an edge in other areas.

Cost to the casino:

  • Nominal hourly fee

Positive takeaways:

  • Security that Advantage Play will be definitively identified

  • Only unwanted players are backed off

  • Only necessary procedures are changed

  • Revenue increased through game speed

Return on investment:

  • Priceless

My House Wins is proud to introduce AP ID, an app that anyone can use to Identify live Advantage Play. Sample below  Click here for pricing

AP ID is the app that makes anyone an expert at identifying Casino Advantage Play and Casino Game Protectoion.

AP ID V1.1 has 500+ records of data featuring 40+ casino games, 80+ side bets and 20+ AP methods with player tells and procedure corrections.

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